Ill Wind then and now

The band worked together in two installments, 1966-68 and 1970-73, with slightly different personnel at various times. Most of us are still alive and in communication but have no plans for a reunion. Thanks for asking.

Ill Wind - complete history

The authorized history, rewritten by Ken's wife Susan from an interview with Richard

Press and Promo

More has been written about Ill Wind since the band broke up than ever was while we were together. The most recent articles are the most accurate because the writers actually interviewed us.


The band recorded a series of demos and one album, Flashes, on ABC Records. In later years various people we don't know "exploited" our recordings. There are even four unauthorized reissues of our complete album.

Boston Tea Party

We played some of our earliest significant gigs at the Tea Party. We also played our last gig there in 1968. The building has been turned into condominiums and a 7-11. Sic transit...