Ill Wind Music Recorded in Studios

Played and sung by Ken Frankel, Carey Mann, Richard Griggs, David Kinsman, & Conny Devanney

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Ill Wind - Flashes

ABC Records, 1968

Produced by Tom Wilson

Recorded at Mayfair Studios,
New York City

Really Good 1967 Demos

Tomorrow You'll Come Back   (Ken Frankel)     D

You're All I See Now   (Carey Mann & Sandy Darlington)     D

Are You Right?   (Ken Frankel)     D

People of the Night   (Ken & Tom Frankel)     D

It's Your Life   (Ken & Tom Frankel)     D

We hired Dick Weissman to produce these demos for us. We recorded them in two separate sessions, at Capitol Records, Studio A, New York City. In a way, this was our most successful recording, since Dick liked to very tightly arrange songs, the same as we did. These were the recordings that got us our ABC Records contract.

Amazing 1968 Basement Studio Tapes

The Water is Wide   (traditional)     D

Mauti   (Ken & Tom Frankel)     D

Waking in the Water   (Ken & Tom Frankel)     D

1 and 100   (Ken & Tom Frankel)     D

Frosted Summer Drink   (Ken & Tom Frankel)     D

In 1968, Ken Frankel built a 4-track recording studio by moving the heads on cheap 2-track Sony reel-to-reel recorders, and using very cheap Radio Shack parts as mixers. In spite of this primitive equipment, and the 40-year-old Radio Shack tapes, these songs came out amazingly well. These were tests/demos for our second album, but we broke up before we could make it.

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If you are an Ill Wind fanatic, and must hear more of our music, regardless of the quality, here is a link to a few more songs that Richard Zvonar posted when he created this site. Some of these are terrible home recordings, some are live recordings made after the Ill Wind reformed with a different lead guitarist, and some. are demo's recorded by Terry Hanley that have weird defects (which we will try to correct soon).
Anyway, if you want to hear them, click here.