Cry to Me, Baby  

Cry to me, baby, it's fun to see you crawl
But realize it now, girl, it ain't no use at all
I got the word, you been mistreating your man
Now there ain't nobody that's going to lend you a hand
A part-time love is something I can do without
And all your weeping ain't going to help you out

Cry to me baby, you know it's you who's to blame
You done me wrong, and I'm going to do you the same
I've been your standby each time you got shot down
But this time you lose, child, 'cause I won't be around
Go it your heart out, I'm tired of being used
I've got no more patience, this time you won't be excused

Cry to me baby, and keep on crying when I'm gone
You make me sick; it's been this way far too long
Cry to me baby, let's see one tear for every lie
It's been a long time coming but - I love to see you cry

66 - Hereford Street

Richard Griggs

This is what we used to call "hard rock" back before the term "heavy metal" was coined. I suppose this was my attempt at something along the lines of Hey Joe (pre-Hendrix).

In those days some in the rock community considered it to be macho and hip to put down women, often in a vicious and vindictive manner (the Stones were champs at this). In my case I can attest to the fact that not only did I not have a girl friend who had been mistreating me and needed to be put in her place, but I didn't have a girl friend of any description. This song was therefore just a bunch of bluster coming from a lonely and insecure wimp posing as a hard-ass, but it did serve as a great opportuntiy for both Ken and Carey to take fuzz solos.