Are You Right?

You've got love on your hands
but nothing on your mind
and you buy everything
99 cents at a time.
Halls of men are all your friends
but not one you'll ever find
and you believe it when they say that you're right

You're an unknown star
of the records and the screen
and everywhere you ride
that's the only way it's seen
But the things that happen to you
have never really been
And they say that you're happy 'cause you're right

You've been right for so long
It don't matter how wrong it is

You pass people on the street
and their face is just a frown
and you're above them merely
'cause they're crawling on the ground
And suddenly you see
that's the way the world goes around,
and you know why they say that you're right.

You've been right for so long.
It don't matter how wrong it is.

You tell everyone you meet,
try to make them understand
Get a "no" from every woman

and a laugh from every man
And you realize it's really you who never can,
and the rest of your life you'll be right


Ken Frankel